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Strategy & Innovation

To be a successful innovator, a company must develop an innovation strategy that aligns with their overall business strategy. An innovation strategy is a commitment to a set of clear, reinforcing policies and actions designed to achieve a specific competitive goal. The best innovation strategies promote alignment between the organization's cross-functional groups, clearly state the objectives and priorities, and focus the team's efforts.


An efficient innovation system incorporates interdependent structures and processes that determine how the company searches for novel solutions to new or existing problems, how they synthesizes ideas into a business concept, and then how the resulting product is designed and funded.


We can help you develop an explicit innovation strategy and design a system to match your specific competitive needs.


Creative Branding & Marketing

With countless alternatives for customers to consider, it’s essential for your business or product to have a unique brand identity. Using creativity to build a lasting, reliable, and positive perception of your brand develops and maintains a loyal following, enabling your organizations to thrive.

If you can make your organization memorable and recognizable in the minds of the public, you’re more likely to increase your sales. You will be able to develop a loyal base of potential customers who will keep coming back to your company for help.


Creative branding is about uniqueness — so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when creating your strategy. If you’re looking to grow your audience and create something that catches and keeps people’s attention, we can help you develop and deploy a memorable branding and marketing strategy.


Building Effective Leaders & Strong teams

Servant leaders inspire their employees to do their best work. We take the traditional leadership model and turn it completely upside down. We will help your management team openly communicate their shared vision of the future, lead by example, and get the best work from everyone.


A winning team collaborates with that leader to meet their combined goals. Through one-on-one executive coaching and group training, we can help you foster collaboration, improve employee morale and increase productivity.


Business Development
& Proposals

Most government contracts require a winning response to a Request for Proposal (RFP), and each one is different, with unique requirements and assumptions.


For more than 20 years, the Cruickshank Consulting Group has been helping clients win government contracts by developing a clear, concise, compliant and compelling story,


We will help you create a winning strategy, refine your solution, and drive your RFP response to completion.

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